October Fun Recap...

Just like every other month, October was a blur.  With my 31 Days of Home Organization series I really blogged about nothing else. But, believe me, there was a lot going on.  In no particular order:

  • We celebrated my husband's birthday.
  • We decorated for Halloween.
  • We carved pumpkins.
  • We went to our town's pumpkin festival (sadly, it was very disappointing but it was the first year so hopefully next year will be better.  And maybe it won't be 90 degrees out.)
  • LM trick or treated with her friend's family while my husband & I were at a trade show.
  • We made snickerdoodles (yum!)
  • We went to Disneyland for fall break. I have decided that we go there too much since I have been to Sephora twice this year, both times at Downtown Disney.  And my husband & I have the Mouse Wait app on our phones.
  • LM went on a weekend girl scout camp trip. 
  • We watched 4 debates. (Don't forget to vote today!)
  • I went to the dentist and got my hair cut - things I feel like I am forever doing.
Add in all the everyday things like work and school and you have one tired mom here.

Is it too much to ask for November to be a little slower?


Homeandfood said…
Haha looks like you had fun with those pumpkins! Cute blog :)

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