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Screen-Free Week-why we're not participating....

Not participating, you ask?  How can someone not participate in something that is so good?

As I said last year, I actually like the idea of being 'screen-free'.  BUT, if you are going to DVR all of your shows this week just to watch them all next week, what is the use?  And, truthfully, isn't that what most of us will do?  I've heard people say this is the plan.

LM's school is actually having their screen free week this week instead of next so it coincides with the school book fair & Young Author's Night.

I realize that all too many of us spend way too much time in front of some type of screen: television, computer, iPad, etc.  And as parents, our kids emulate us so if we're spending a lot of time in front of a screen chances are so are our kids.  The idea of a whole week that is screen free is enticing, but in this day and age how reasonable is it?

Schools and businesses communicate via text and email more often than not.Books are being read on Kindle…

Around my Instagram...

I recently (finally) downloaded the pictures from my phone to my computer.  Over 600 of them.  I take a lot of pictures on that little phone and LOVE Instagram - all those filters!  I think the photos someone takes says a lot about a person.  Here's a little glimpse:

Yummy Lemon Bars from the Food Network Magazine & Paula Deen.  Easy peasy and oh, so yummy!

I take a lot of pictures of this guy.  And he's usually on the bed!
The none to popular ham casserole.  VERY heavy with all those potatoes.  Good flavor but we'll save it for when we run the Iditarod next time.

Morning quiet time with a book and some coffee.

Why my purse was so heavy.  You just never know when you'll need it!
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Update: Front Door

I painted our front door.  I talked about doing it in this post.  And here is the end result:

I used Valspar (Lowes) exterior paint with primer custom mixed to a Sherwin Williams color - Summit Grey. (Please excuse the command hooks on the glass-I am debating putting up another wreath and decided to keep them up until I make my decision - classy, yes?)

I think I like the color with the house but part of me thinks I should have gone with a warmer grey to better complement the cream color (Sherwin Williams Muslin).  I think a little accessorizing will take care of that.

Love how it works with the brushed nickel hardware.

Many thanks to everyone who 'voted' on their favorite color!

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Super Easy Salsa Recipe...

Just in time for Cinco de Mayo:

Super Easy Salsa Recipe

3 Roma Tomatoes (or any ripe tomatoes you have on hand!), chopped
1/2 medium yellow onion, chopped
Banana peppers, chopped - to taste
About 2 TBSP of juice from banana pepper jar
Fresh cilantro, chopped -  to taste
Salt to taste

Mix all ingredients together.  Refrigerate for at least and hour.

Serve with chips, tacos, enchiladas or anything you like.

This is a no fail, always delish, super easy recipe

I always get compliments and it goes fast!


Spring Cleaning 2013....

The calendar says it's spring even if it doesn't feel like it in your neck of the woods,  so it's time to start thinking about spring cleaning.  Or maybe you are on the ball and have already finished yours.  I'm still working on mine - here are my key spring cleaning points.

De-clutter.  I always start here.  I go room by room with a garbage bag and fill it with things that are broken, stained, never used, outgrown, etc.  I actually do this a few times each year, not just in spring, and am amazed that I always fill up a couple of bags.  Move it.  Once I've de-cluttered it is easy to move furniture away from walls and clean base boards and vacuum under everything.  I move the stove and refrigerator in the kitchen as well. I'm sure we all have stories about what we find under our fridges!Wash it.  Mattress pads, comforters, shower curtains, window curtains, small rugs all get washed.  They do get washed other times during the year, but always during spring cleani…

The Front Door...

I am debating painting my front door.  This debate has been going on in my head for a while and I think I've finally decided that I should do it.  The big question now is: what color?

I would love something like this..  But in keeping with the local architecture it will never happen.

The doors we have now are similar to this but painted a cream color (Sherwin Williams Muslin). 

I kind of like this green door (Sherwin Williams Edamame) .  Our house is a bit lighter and not quite this southwest looking but I think this color would work.
Of course, there's always black - which was my first idea.  
I'll be out getting swatches tomorrow and hopefully I can make a decision before it gets too hot to paint.
I'd love to hear your front door paint color ideas, too.