The Front Door...

I am debating painting my front door.  This debate has been going on in my head for a while and I think I've finally decided that I should do it.  The big question now is: what color?

I would love something like this..  But in keeping with the local architecture it will never happen.

The doors we have now are similar to this but painted a cream color (Sherwin Williams Muslin). 


I kind of like this green door (Sherwin Williams Edamame) .  Our house is a bit lighter and not quite this southwest looking but I think this color would work.

Of course, there's always black - which was my first idea.  

I'll be out getting swatches tomorrow and hopefully I can make a decision before it gets too hot to paint.

I'd love to hear your front door paint color ideas, too.


Laurie Anne said…
Go with what you love. You see that front door every day so it should make you happy :0)
The Mrs. said…
How about Navy? Less extreme?
Niki Riat said…
Black! I'm dying to get our new black front door. Ohhhh navy would be nice too. Good idea :)

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