Screen-Free Week-why we're not participating....

Not participating, you ask?  How can someone not participate in something that is so good?

As I said last year, I actually like the idea of being 'screen-free'.  BUT, if you are going to DVR all of your shows this week just to watch them all next week, what is the use?  And, truthfully, isn't that what most of us will do?  I've heard people say this is the plan.

LM's school is actually having their screen free week this week instead of next so it coincides with the school book fair & Young Author's Night.

I realize that all too many of us spend way too much time in front of some type of screen: television, computer, iPad, etc.  And as parents, our kids emulate us so if we're spending a lot of time in front of a screen chances are so are our kids.  The idea of a whole week that is screen free is enticing, but in this day and age how reasonable is it?

  • Schools and businesses communicate via text and email more often than not.
  • Books are being read on Kindles and Nooks and eReaders.
  • Families get active with Wii Fit and Rock Band.
  • Homework projects include on line research.
So, for us, we've decided to scale back on \TV time as well as time just mindlessly spent on the computer.  
  • No TV or computer in the morning before school (this is nothing new during the school year for us - mornings run much more smoothly without those distractions.)
  • No after school TV or computer - this is time for homework and outside play.
If a favorite show is on in the evening we'll watch, but just having the TV on because we usually do is out this week.  I'd love for this to extend in to the future but we'll see.

The little note LM brought home to be signed saying we are participating in the screen-free week won't get signed since we are honestly no participating.  But I'm okay with that and so is she.  Even if there is some prize involved for participating...


Katie said…
Rather than do a token week where we go cold turkey, we try to have reasonable limits on screens year round. Much healthier in the end!
The Mrs. said…
We have the TV and wii on a lot. I feel like I may need this!

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