Around my Instagram...

I recently (finally) downloaded the pictures from my phone to my computer.  Over 600 of them.  I take a lot of pictures on that little phone and LOVE Instagram - all those filters!  I think the photos someone takes says a lot about a person.  Here's a little glimpse:

Yummy Lemon Bars from the Food Network Magazine & Paula Deen.  Easy peasy and oh, so yummy!

I take a lot of pictures of this guy.  And he's usually on the bed!

The none to popular ham casserole.  VERY heavy with all those potatoes.  Good flavor but we'll save it for when we run the Iditarod next time.

Morning quiet time with a book and some coffee.

Why my purse was so heavy.  You just never know when you'll need it!

You can find me on Instagram! @debbeckm   Hope to see you there!


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