Spring Cleaning 2013....

The calendar says it's spring even if it doesn't feel like it in your neck of the woods,  so it's time to start thinking about spring cleaning.  Or maybe you are on the ball and have already finished yours.  I'm still working on mine - here are my key spring cleaning points.

  • De-clutter.  I always start here.  I go room by room with a garbage bag and fill it with things that are broken, stained, never used, outgrown, etc.  I actually do this a few times each year, not just in spring, and am amazed that I always fill up a couple of bags.  
  • Move it.  Once I've de-cluttered it is easy to move furniture away from walls and clean base boards and vacuum under everything.  I move the stove and refrigerator in the kitchen as well. I'm sure we all have stories about what we find under our fridges!
  • Wash it.  Mattress pads, comforters, shower curtains, window curtains, small rugs all get washed.  They do get washed other times during the year, but always during spring cleaning.  As I wash these things I make sure they are in good repair,  If not and they aren't repairable I replace them.
  • Windows. Yes, I'd rather NOT clean the windows but it makes such a difference to do so.  This is something that can be hired out if it's in the budget.  We have a one story home so it's something I can easily accomplish.  The inside of the windows get done periodically but the outside it a once a year project (thank goodness).
These are my four key points and when I do them all in each room of the house, I consider my spring cleaning complete.

Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.
~William Morris


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