What's going on?

The title of this post means two things to me today. First, I will tell you what's going on with me. In a nutshell, lots.

  • Only 3 weeks left of school. This school year has flown by - much faster than K & 1st did. But I am happy for summer vacation to be here. It's nice to slow down a bit. And, although we don't really sleep in here it's nice not to have to be out of the house everyday @ 7:40 am. I have put in my request for LM's teacher for next year. We have a new principal this year and no one is quite sure if she will accept requests but LM's teacher wrote down my request in case she does. There has been so much talk about no requests this year that I was a little hesitant to do it. But I thought, darnnit, I pay my taxes that pay the school employees salaries (so in a sense they work for us, right??) & I help out alot at school, try not to cause problems, let the teachers teach, etc so I figured I had nothing to lose. We requested Mrs. A, who was LM's teacher in K (and now teaches 3rd) so we hope to have our request honored.

  • I have finally gotten into a working rhythm. My husband's secretary is out until Aug 15 on pregnancy leave. I cannot even get started on that subject so I will just leave it at that. Right now they are not terribly busy so I have been able to keep my scrapbooking days untouched for the most part. Of course, I want them to be busy so that may change. I have lined up quality babysitting for LM a couple of days a week during the summer and arranged for a high school girl to work 1-2 days a week over the summer and when we are out of town. I am glad I could do this as I did not want to put her into our city's parks & rec program over the summer or bring her to the office.

  • After school activities are winding down. Yea! One more CCD class. One more Brownie meeting. One more hockey practice and tournament.

The subject of hockey brings me to the other meaning of my post title: What's going on with people? (AKA What's wrong with people?)

We have had 3 kids drop out of the tournament this weekend in the last 24 hours. The tournament starts tomorrow! My husband who only coaches one team is getting all the phone calls of 'what to do?'. We were already short handed overall and his team is even borrowing some out of town kids who aren't fielding a team. But he made those arrangements 3 weeks ago. It's really hard to make provisions 48 hours before a tournament begins. He is fuming. And I don't blame him. After he got done yelling at me he talked to my friend M and let her know what was going on (her 4 boys will be playing so she totally understands and feels the same way. Plus she is very calm and a good listener.)

So I wonder, 'what is going on?' that makes people think it's okay just to drop out at the last minute for now really good reason (to my knowledge none of the drop outs have had a death, illness, house fire or any other tragedy to keep them from going)? This is the 2nd round of drop outs. The first was early enough that we could try to find other players. But even those dropped out because they were 'busy'. I wonder, does this go on anywhere else? In any other sports?

It's crazy people just bail and don't even stop to consider how they are letting the team down. Not to mention what this teaches the kids. Ugh.

We are looking forward to a fun weekend at the tournament though and the cooler weather that we will experience in the tournament town. It's been in the 90's here most of the week so I need to break out the jeans and sweatshirts for this trip.

And that's not a bad thing...


That IS dumb. Why sign your child up if you're not going to let him play! I'm so ready for summer too!

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