Baby Love...

My friend C is having a baby. It's her fourth but her first boy. Her youngest girl is 7 so there's quite an age difference. She wasn't sure if it was in the cards for them to have another so little by little she had passed her baby things on. At 39 she didn't think it was meant to be. But God certainly had different plans and baby J will be here in 2 weeks (maybe less).

So it was time for a baby shower!

The shower was yesterday and so much fun! It has been quite a while since I have been to a baby shower. We played some games, which I usually don't like but these were okay. Especially the word scramble which I won. There were some tough words. Like egranftbeside & tinroom (answers below).

A couple of ladies got together and gave C the most fun gift. It was a laundry basket with Dreft, diapers, baby wipes and a clothes line with baby clothes, a hooded towel, a blanket & bibs clothes-pinned to it. So, so cute and very useful. I am not sure when my next baby shower will be so I wanted to share this fun idea so maybe someone can use it.

We are all awaiting the arrival of this little boy. And we're all lined up to babysit!

Did you get the scrambled words?

egranftbeside = breastfeeding
tinroom = monitor


Sarah said…
Got breastfeeding, but not monitor! That was hard!

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