The Laundry Room...

I am not a fan of the containers laundry detergent and other cleaners come in so I figured I would put my Oxy clean in something besides the plastic tub I brought it home in. Something frugal that I already owned. I was happy to see that I had an empty pickle jar - a big one.
I cleaned it out and removed the label. I found some fun paint in my vast supply of paint. I found a chipboard number which I traced on to the jar and then painted over. Voila! The above pictured jar.
It is bright and cheerful when I open the cabinet to do my laundry. And it was free...
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Kylie said…
great (free!) way to upcycle. you could even spray paint the lid white, black, or lime green to match.
What a great idea - I would love to have a laundry room :)
Now that almost makes me want to do laundry! :) Very cute~
Now I want to go and buy some pickles just to use the jar - ADORABLE!!

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