This is the view from out front yard this morning. Yes, that is snow in the mountains. Quite the excitement around these parts. Lovely view but none of the hazards of driving in the stuff. And it should be melted by late afternoon. We had lots of rain last night and they said we would see snow at about 2000 feet and we did. This happens every couple of years. This picture was taken about 8:30 this morning.
A slightly different view from our drivewary at about 10:45.

It is cold and windy today (but sunny). I will likely need to turn the heat on when my husband gets home. It's 65 in the house now and will probably get colder when the sun goes down and he won't like sitting in a cold house. I just bundle up during the day but I am sure I'll enjoy the heat tonight. A cozy fire in the fireplace will be nice, too.

LM is outside playing right now. We took Smokey for a walk a little while ago and that's when the wind started kicking up. I love how none of the cold and wind bothers the kids. As soon as we got back from our walk she got a drink of water and headed right back outside. Perfect.


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