The Mantle...

I finished my mantle and am happy with the way it turned out. Our TV hangs over the mantle so I will spare you those photos. I'll share the 'pretty' part.

I put some candy canes in a canning jar here. Simple but pretty. I think I'll be replacing the candy canes soon as my husband has already eaten one ('take it from the back', he said, 'no one will notice.')
My mom gave me the pot with twigs for a Halloween tree a few years ago. This year it has been given a new life. LM added the silver balls to the twigs. Last year the balls were used here.
My Dillards cake stand (I love the touch of blue) with the silver balls again and the monogram balls from Michaels ($1). Same silver ribbon I used last year. I did spring for the pretty red votives this year - $4.99 @ Kirklands.

I made this little advent tree at my scrapbook retreat in September. I am so happy it's finally time to use it. Red vase lifted from my sister's house (also has silver balls in it). Snowman stocking hangers from Terry's Village (years ago).

Another look at the potted twig. LM put the silver balls on one side only. Something I would NEVER do. But it works, so I didn't mess with it.

I'll share my bedroom mantle next week.


Laurie Anne said…
It looks great. I love that your hubby knows to take the candy canes from the back (don't you love it when all that training pays off)
BeKay said…
Your decorating is beatiful. I always hung my mantle lights at the bottom; never thought to put them on top. I really like how it lights up things. Thanks for sharing.
Enjoyed spending the holidays with you - all the decorating was very festive!

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