Monday, December 6, 2010

The theme...

Every year I like to have a theme for Christmas. Sometimes it's a 'thing' - reindeer, snowmen, bears. Sometimes it colors - gold and burgundy, red and white, silver and gold. This year I started off with a red, pink and light blue theme. It slowly morphed into a red, white and light blue/candy cane theme. Our tree is usually the same - all of our ornaments collected over the years. The 'theme' usually ends up on the mantels and small vignettes throughout the house.

The second year we were married we had moved into a new house and I was so excited about Christmas. We had a beautiful sun porch with windows on three sides over looking the water (it was fabulous). We were on a corner lot so as you drove by our house you could see the lights from the tree through the windows.

My sister-in-law and her husband were visiting for the first time and I worked really hard to make everything look nice. I took special care with our Christmas gifts - all wrapped in my gold and burgundy theme paper. I purchased a couple of different coordinating papers - all very pretty and sophisticated. You can only imagine my horror when our company arrived with their very large wrapped gifts - wrapped in Bugs Bunny Christmas paper. Yes, you read that right. Not quite the beauty and sophistication I had in mind. My husband knew I was horrified at the sight of that rabbit being laid under my beautiful tree. He definitely gets it.

Of course, I know that Christmas has way more to do with Jesus and love than it does with wrapping paper. I have since loosened up quite a bit. I still love themes but realize that not everyone likes what I do or even cares what my theme is. I really enjoy the time it takes to wrap a gift 'just so'. It bothers me a bit that most people don't appreciate the outside of a gift as much as the inside.

This year, with the red, white and blue theme I am doing red and white paper with red and white bows and a little blue for accents.

But I'll keep a little corner at the back of the tree for the cartoon characters...


tom said...

very happy to visit here!

Donna said...

Dear Debra, That is quite a story about the themes and the out of place wrapping paper and made me laugh a little. I know it must be hard when you decide on a theme and someone brings a gift wrapped in gaudy wrapping paper. I didn't want 'Santa' paper when the kids were little. It really bothered me not to have 'worshipful themed' paper under the tree. Like you though, I've loosened up a lot over the years.

Having a beautiful setting is a special part of Christmas, but as you's more about the spirit of Christmas.. giving..receiving..and good friends and family.

Thanks so much for visiting!

Donna @ Comin' Home

Laurie Anne said...

At our house the running joke is that some gifts end up under the tree "wrapped" in the bag from the store. We affectionately call it "Records Family Wrap". I thought that was bad until my husband took it to a new level of just "close your eyes". That is now the "Yoko Wrap". Ah, gotta love those family traditions, hehe :0)

kristy said...

very beautiful x'mas tree