Here are my dining room decorations. Sorry for the bad lighting. I hope you can get the idea. I wanted something really simple for the table. I think this fits the bill.

I started with the square vase (World Market-on sale for about $20 and I can use it year round). The 'shatterproof' silver balls -$4 from Walmart. I didn't really want shatterproof ones (plastic) but with a dog and a 7 yr old I think it's safer. The ribbon came from Walmart - I think it was about $2.50 and I have plenty left over for gifts or more decorations. The one ball on the top is from Crate and Barrel - a splurge at $4.95 but it adds a little something extra.

This is the little tree I have sitting on the chair that houses beach towels in the summer (the chair sits by the door that leads out to the pool). My mom made the little quilt and pillows. Just a few extra silver balls and ornaments decorate the tree. It's simple but it's what I wanted.
I'll show you the 'big' tree soon, so please come back to visit...


Beautiful. I have shatterproof from walmart too, because of dog and 2.5 year old (all my glass ones are way high!) I did something similar with a large jar on my coffee table - from inside, they don't look plastic- y . I love this idea. I might steal it! :-)
The centerpiece looks fabulous! I'm really digging silver right now - so pretty. I NEED shatterproof ornaments - my almost 2 year old broke 3 of ours when we were decorating the tree this year!

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