Moving right along...

Photo courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens
Our tree is up (photos coming later - we're still decorating).
Presents purchased (for the most part, I have 3 left to get not counting our 3 secret santas for my husband's side of the family - we don't have our names yet.)
Wrapping started. Hope to finish up within the next few days or so.
Cards - addressed ready for pictures/notes to go in. They will go out on Friday. NO MATTER WHAT!
Baking will start next week. Most baking will occur after the 18th, when school is out but I'll start a bit next week so I am not doing it all in one day.
How's it going at your house?


Slow. Very slow. Decorating is almost done. But as for the presents- we always wait till to last minute, so we don't risk the nosey nellies finding them!!!
Sarah said…
We are almost done. I have a few more things to buy. I bake every weekend after Thanksgiving and then freeze - so that helps quite a bit. Love this photo!

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