Monday, Monday....

Yes, it has definitely been a Monday. First off, it rained. ALL DAY. We haven't had rain since about October so we really needed it but...

Drove about 45 miles or so today doing errands and delivering poinsettias (hockey fundraiser). My average day: 5-6 miles. Luckily, I love my car.

I can't even put into words what Staples did to our only hockey schedule poster when I asked them to laminate it. My husband is now on the hunt for an extra one.

The highlight of the day was having to go to Church @5:30 to retrieve LM's backpack that she left at CCD (my husband picked her up). Thankfully the preschool teacher was still there and I was able to get it so LM could do her homework.

I will post some Christmas pictures so you can see what else I have been up to. I hope my finger feels better when I start typing again. I have the smallest cut on the tip of my left hand pointer finger which hurts really bad when it is touched - like when I type. It may be infected but I am not sure. I don't think it is I think it just hurts because of where it is. But I'm not a doctor so that's just a guess.

Did I mention it was the stereotypical Monday here?


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