Advent Calendars...

I found a cute wooden sleigh at Michaels (using my 40% off coupon) to use as an advent calendar this year. The finished product is below with the original look at the very bottom. I am so excited at how it turned out. Little Miss is enjoying it too.

I used red paint I had on hand (latex) for the sleigh. The rails were painted with silver paint and then a second coat of 'glitter' paint made them look glittery. I had never seen glitter paint before and was so thrilled to come across it. I detest glitter since it always gets everywhere but this paint it wonderful.
The knobs are also painted with glitter paint. I used a stencil & a silver pen for the numbers and rub-ons for a little pizazz. I wrapped empty jewelry boxes with silver wrapping paper to put on top of the sleigh.

Each drawer holds a little goody. I used quarters, small chocolates and hair barrettes. I also put small pieces of paper in some of the drawers (later in the month, after Christmas vacation starts) saying things like: 'Let's make a gingerbread house', 'Let's make cookies (your choice)' & 'Let's go to the park today.'
What sort of advent calendar do you use?


Laurie Anne said…
Looks great. Glitter paint, who knew? I'll have to look for that
Kimbosue said…
CUTE! I bought one at an after Christmas sale last year (Before Miles was born) from Target. It's a 3 car train! For now, it's just a table decoration. Next year it will be full of goodies!

LOVE the glitter paint!

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