Gift cards...

are the new fruitcake?
I just read an article called 'Gift cards are the new fruitcake' on MSN. It basically explained the pitfalls of gift cards (fees, expiration dates, etc). So I started wondering, do a lot of you give or receive gift cards for Christmas? I am mostly wondering about the giving as I don't mind receiving them if they are for something I use (Starbucks, Victoria's Secret). I usually ask for a gift card from my mother-in-law when she asks what I want. I think it's easier for her (remember, she has 13 kids, most with spouses and lots of grand kids to buy for) and it's easier to mail (she lives out of town).
But for those gifts I need to buy for people I don't know so well (some of the 13 kids or spouses) I wonder if a gift card is the easy way out? I have always enjoyed the process of finding 'just the right gift' for someone. But maybe a gift card IS just the right gift. I have never gotten a gift card that I haven't used. Guess that's the shopper in me. But I know people who take forever to use them (I am married to one).
Since I am mostly done with my shopping I probably won't use this information this year - unless I have a last minute gift to buy.


Solar Powered said…
I don't understand why gift cards get such a bad rap - I like them. I love them actually, but like you, I guess that's the shopper in me.

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