Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Little Miss had a dentist appointment yesterday. The hygienist asked her what type of cleaner (the toothpaste they use for cleaning the teeth - not sure that's the technical name) she would like and rattled off a gazillion flavors. She settled on Chocolate Mint. yum.

On the way home she said she really liked the Chocolate Mint and asked if my dentist offered that flavor (he doesn't).

She says, 'Maybe we should suggest that they sell that at a retail store.'

Alrighty then. A 'retail' store? What 7 year old would say that? Just another funny outtake from the back seat of my car...

PS. She made a card to take to the dentist today that said "I love my dentist" - bet they don't get those too often! She also put a candy cane inside the card. Just trying to keep the business going there!

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The Mrs. said...

That's some dentist if they love him!