Monday, June 28, 2010


Well it's not likely that I will go fishing (tried it a few times and found it thoroughly boring!) but I am taking a little break. LM goes back to school the first week in August which is right around the corner.

We'll be doing some traveling, making our way by car through a bit of the wild west. Reno, Virginia City, Elko, and on to Utah. If all goes as planned we're going to spend the night at a dude ranch & hopefully have lunch one day at one of my favorite places on earth. LM is a little unsure of what to expect but I know she'll end up having a really fun time. Right now she is just dealing with the fact that we will NOT be taking in a Justin Beiber concert this summer (thank goodness!) I want to get a little closer to nature than that!

It is Africa hot here now. They keep saying it's going to cool down this weekend but frankly, going from 114 to 110 isn't really cooling down, is it? We'll be spending lots of time in the pool. I have a few good books lined up (Best Friends Forever by Jennifer Weiner & Heart of the Matter by Emily Giffin) as well as a couple of issues of Coastal Living that I haven't had a chance to read yet.

And I promised LM a visit to Chuck E Cheese when we arrive in Utah. Lucky girl.

I'll probably carve out a bit of time to catch up on some of my favorite blogs (see side bar) but won't post for a while.

Have a safe and fun summer....

See you in September
See you when the summer's through
Here we are saying good bye at the station
Summer vacation
is taking you away.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Debra, DDS...

Well, I clearly did not miss my calling as a dentist.

I mentioned the other day that LM lost her last tooth.

A couple of days later she had her 6 month check up and I mentioned to the dentist that I thought she had lost her last tooth. Boy was I wrong! He said she still has 6 on the bottom and 4 on the top to lose.

I stand corrected...

Goodbye vacation...

Looks like we won't be spending time here this summer.

Instead we'll be here. (which is actually not half bad!)

I mentioned our water woes earlier. Let's just dub summer 2010 'the summer of water'. On top of the leak the water conservation guy found in our irrigation system we need a new pressure regulator. That is all scheduled to be fixed tomorrow. I purchased the stuff I need for the irrigation but our handyman will be bring the new regulator tomorrow so I am not sure what that will cost. The doozy is the new pump and motor we need for our pool (it's leaking too). We got the estimate today and while I thought it was expensive my husband said it's half of what he thought it would be. It's still alot in my book. So once we get that all fixed we'll be in that pool alot this summer in case you're looking for me.

I am hoping that all this will help with the next water bill. I did get the late fee taken off due to the confusion with the last bill but here's what the customer service lady said to me 'I'll take it off this time but we can only forgive the late fee ONE time for the entire time you live in the house so don't let this happen again.' Nice, huh? The payment was actually applied to my old sewer bill (my fault) but the city collects BOTH payments so they had my money it was just in the wrong account. My reply to her was that we have lived in this house for 11 years and none of my payments have ever been late so I don't expect it to happen again. 'Oh, I guess you're right', she says.

'Ya think???

Monday, June 21, 2010

Jessie's Girl...

Last weekend LM & I tagged along with my hubby to Las Vegas (my parents also went). Bill and my dad had a race (work related) to go to on Friday night & Saturday night. I knew that Rick Springfield was performing at Mandalay Bay on Saturday night (what a coincidence that I would be in town that night!) I pondered going to the show alone since none of my friends could go. One was leaving for Hawaii on Sunday, one was in Moab on vacation and my sister, whom I can always count on, is in Australia.

Well, as luck would have it, the car my dad & hubby sponsor lost and they were finished & back at the hotel around 7 pm on Saturday. Talk about one door closing and another one opening - now Bill was free to join me at the concert! We had just enough time to check with the concierge to make sure there were still tickets, give a room key to my mom so she could get LM ready for bed and hop a cab to the Mandalay Bay.

The concert was SOOOO good! It was on the beach @ the Mandalay Bay and we got to sit on the sand and watch it. The weather was PERFECT for being outside. I can't believe I actually got to go. He puts on a great show. Hard to believe he is 60 & still doing this. He even got down in the water and came out onto the sand when he was singing 'Human Touch'. It was really, really fun. Even my husband had a good time!

If you remotely like Rick Springfield you should try to go see a concert when he's in your area. It will be worth it!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


I don't get a ton of comments on this blog but I have to say I get excited when I see I have a new one. I am not excited however when they are not really comments but just someone doing heaven knows what with dots & dashes and stuff. I am not sure why this happens (fill me in if you know) but I delete those ones.

Since these type of comments are showing up more and more - probably at least every other post I do, sometimes more - I am going to comment moderation so I can delete them before they make it 'out there' for all to see.

I hope this doesn't stop anyone of from posting comments because I really like the legitimate ones. I really do!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Last Tooth....

LM lost her last tooth tonight. The LAST one. Yikes.

They just grow up too fast, don't they?

Monday, June 14, 2010


Soccer isn't the most boring sport on the planet after all. I mean, look at these players.

Actually, there was a time, way back in the day, that I kind of liked it. We lived in Scotland for a few years when I was younger where soccer, I mean 'football', is a big deal. I think I was 11 or 12 the summer my friend Diana came to visit. Unbeknownst to either of us her visit coincided with a soccer tournament taking place in our little town. A soccer tournament that brought boys our age over from America. They must have been there for a couple of weeks.

We followed those boys everywhere, including watching all their games. We could walk just about everywhere in town and if we couldn't we took a cab. Can you imagine letting your daughter catch a cab across town with friends at 11? We got to be friends with the boys on the team and Diana & I even 'liked' 2 of them. We were pen pals with these guys for a little while. Until the novelty wore off, I guess. The other day I actually found a letter I received from the boy I liked. I didn't think I still had it after all these years. I have to check with Diana to see if she still has any letters.

The funny thing is that the boys we liked were on a team from St. Louis. Twenty years after that summer in Scotland I married a boy from St Louis. Not one of the soccer players but I did ask my husband at one point if he ever played soccer. (No, he never did. Ice Hockey was his sport.) We got married in St Louis and Diana and I had a fun trip down memory lane one afternoon, trying to figure out if our soccer players lived anywhere near where my husband grew up.

And don't think I haven't checked to see if the boy I liked is on Facebook... he is. :)

World Cup, anyone?

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Normally, water is my friend. Not so much lately.

My last water bill was $50 higher than it has been for the last 3-4 years. $50 is almost a week's worth of groceries for us. A big deal. After looking over my past bills I realized the difference was in the sewer fee. We just got a 'real' sewer about 3-4 years ago. Which jacked up our water bill but also put us in the 21st century.

So I call the water company (which is also our city government) and talked to a nice customer service rep who explained why the sewer rate went up. It's some very convoluted equation of water use during certain months of the year, blah, blah, blah. All good and well but we haven't used anymore water this past winter than we have in the past few years. Honest. At least not intentionally.

I try to conserve water where I can. Five minute showers. Use leftover water from boiling to water plants. Collect water from our evap cooler for outside watering. Turn off sprinklers after a rain (which isn't too often here in AZ). You get the idea. You'd think my bill would go down or at least stay the same.

So, something is rotten in the state of Denmark. Most likely some sort of leak. Ugh. I have the city's water conservation specialist coming out on Wednesday morning to check things out. I hope he finds the problem and it's not to expensive to fix. At least his services are 'free'.

To make matters worse, I get the mail yesterday and there's an overdue notice from the water company. WHAT? I know I paid that bill on time - just like always. So, I get my little water bill pile out and realize that I paid the bill on line but applied it to my sewer bill! You see, when we got the sewer we had to pay $2ooo for that privilege but they let us pay it in installments with a very low interest rate (aren't they nice?) We paid our sewer off last year but the account is still on my bill pay (lesson learned). You know what I'll be doing on Monday morning - I'll be on the phone AGAIN to the water dept to try to explain this mess. The funny thing is that the customer service rep never once mentioned that my bill was late - even though I said more than once "I already paid the bill even though I had questions about it."

Boy, I hope they can figure this all out. My current bill is $10 more than last month too. Luckily, the dog has taken to drinking out of the pool so that should help...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

So Long, Farewell....

We have some good friends who are leaving tomorrow to move to Idaho. LM and their daughter were born 11 days apart, attended the same preschool and have become best friends. They attend different elementary schools but see each other most weekends. I am not sure it has hit either of the girls yet.

But it has hit the moms. We have become really good friends over the years and have very similar parenting styles. Plus we are both 'older' moms (she was 38 when her daughter was born, I was 37) which is pretty rare here. They all came over for dinner tonight and a swim (they picked a hot time of the year to be packing up and moving). We had fun as always but it was bittersweet knowing that it will be the last time we do this when they live 5 minutes away.

We plan on keeping in touch of course and I do believe we will be friends forever.

These are our first good friends who have moved in quite sometime. We went through a spell when LM was about 2 when about 4 or 5 friends moved within a relatively short time. I have to say that I like it better when everyone stays put.

As an aside, am I the only one who is finding it hard to believe it is June 10th already??? Before you know it we'll be sewing Halloween costumes (well I probably won't be sewing but I will be looking for a costume that LM will like that will not make her look like a hooker) and Christmas shopping....

Monday, June 7, 2010

Being Catholic...

Out of the blue yesterday...

"Why can't we be Catholic like L?" asks LM.

"What do you mean?" I ask.

"She is Catholic but she doesn't go to church." LM says.

"Oh, well we are Catholic and we DO go to church."

(What I was really thinking was "Yes, Dad wants to know the same thing...")

Where do kids get this stuff???

Friday, June 4, 2010


I recently made this for my friend M for her birthday. It turned out so cute that I had to share. And since she has opened it already I won't be spoiling any surprises.

I bought the wooden M at Walmart and painted it white. Used Modge-Podge to put the scrapbook paper on and embellished it with some ribbon and scrapbooking accessories. I think it is the perfect size to put at a desk although I am sure there are tons of other uses, that's just what was in my head.

M loved her 'M' and said it was reminiscent of the big M that Mary Richards had in her apartment on the 'Mary Tyler Moore Show'. Remember that?
Check out more fun ideas at the Shabby Nest today for Frugal Friday and Just a Girl for Show and Share day.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

This week...

First of all, I cannot believe it is almost Friday. The week as flown by. Thankfully, I think.

LM went to Sea World on Wednesday with her Girl Scout troop. After MUCH deliberation, I decided NOT to go. I spoke with the leader (who is also a friend) and told her my concerns and she said whatever I decided to do was good. The biggest change about the whole trip was that one of the co-leaders (R) was no longer a co-leader (I don't know the details but I am sure there's a story) and would not be going on the trip. LM had already requested that she not ride with this leader. When an 8 year old asks not to ride with a certain person I think there must be a good reason (because she yells, LM said, which she does.) And LM is not a complainer (nothing like me!) so I took the request seriously and so did L, the leader. So when the co-leader wasn't going I felt a HUGE weight lift off me. Another mom had stepped up to take her place and would be going on the trip.

I mentioned to L that I was glad R wasn't going and that helped me make my decision. L said 'I wish you would have told me'. I didn't want to complain about R and she didn't do anything really wrong but I have known her a long time and was frankly surprised she lasted as long as she did.

Once R wasn't going and I was comfortable with the leaders that were I felt better about letting LM go without me. She has known three of the other girls since they were all 3 yrs old and our families our friends so she is comfortable with the girls. They all go to CCD together & have spent the night with each other many times (many for 8 year olds).

They will be home in about an hour and I can't hear about the trip. Hopefully LM's camera makes it home too so we can see the photos.

I worked today and yesterday to keep myself busy as well as try to get everything done while LM is gone. Since I wasn't home for 2 days my house needs a little attention. We got LM a new closet system over the weekend (photos later) so things are a bit out of place from that. I expect LM to sleep in tomorrow since she has had 2 late nights so I hope to get some cleaning and laundry done in the morning. It's when I do my best work anyway...