This week...

First of all, I cannot believe it is almost Friday. The week as flown by. Thankfully, I think.

LM went to Sea World on Wednesday with her Girl Scout troop. After MUCH deliberation, I decided NOT to go. I spoke with the leader (who is also a friend) and told her my concerns and she said whatever I decided to do was good. The biggest change about the whole trip was that one of the co-leaders (R) was no longer a co-leader (I don't know the details but I am sure there's a story) and would not be going on the trip. LM had already requested that she not ride with this leader. When an 8 year old asks not to ride with a certain person I think there must be a good reason (because she yells, LM said, which she does.) And LM is not a complainer (nothing like me!) so I took the request seriously and so did L, the leader. So when the co-leader wasn't going I felt a HUGE weight lift off me. Another mom had stepped up to take her place and would be going on the trip.

I mentioned to L that I was glad R wasn't going and that helped me make my decision. L said 'I wish you would have told me'. I didn't want to complain about R and she didn't do anything really wrong but I have known her a long time and was frankly surprised she lasted as long as she did.

Once R wasn't going and I was comfortable with the leaders that were I felt better about letting LM go without me. She has known three of the other girls since they were all 3 yrs old and our families our friends so she is comfortable with the girls. They all go to CCD together & have spent the night with each other many times (many for 8 year olds).

They will be home in about an hour and I can't hear about the trip. Hopefully LM's camera makes it home too so we can see the photos.

I worked today and yesterday to keep myself busy as well as try to get everything done while LM is gone. Since I wasn't home for 2 days my house needs a little attention. We got LM a new closet system over the weekend (photos later) so things are a bit out of place from that. I expect LM to sleep in tomorrow since she has had 2 late nights so I hope to get some cleaning and laundry done in the morning. It's when I do my best work anyway...


paige said…
nothing like an organizational project for the weekend!
enjoy yourself & we'll look forward to your before &afters :)

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