Well it's not likely that I will go fishing (tried it a few times and found it thoroughly boring!) but I am taking a little break. LM goes back to school the first week in August which is right around the corner.

We'll be doing some traveling, making our way by car through a bit of the wild west. Reno, Virginia City, Elko, and on to Utah. If all goes as planned we're going to spend the night at a dude ranch & hopefully have lunch one day at one of my favorite places on earth. LM is a little unsure of what to expect but I know she'll end up having a really fun time. Right now she is just dealing with the fact that we will NOT be taking in a Justin Beiber concert this summer (thank goodness!) I want to get a little closer to nature than that!

It is Africa hot here now. They keep saying it's going to cool down this weekend but frankly, going from 114 to 110 isn't really cooling down, is it? We'll be spending lots of time in the pool. I have a few good books lined up (Best Friends Forever by Jennifer Weiner & Heart of the Matter by Emily Giffin) as well as a couple of issues of Coastal Living that I haven't had a chance to read yet.

And I promised LM a visit to Chuck E Cheese when we arrive in Utah. Lucky girl.

I'll probably carve out a bit of time to catch up on some of my favorite blogs (see side bar) but won't post for a while.

Have a safe and fun summer....

See you in September
See you when the summer's through
Here we are saying good bye at the station
Summer vacation
is taking you away.


Laurie Anne said…
Enjoy your break. My buddy from AZ is up here escaping the heat as well.
Decorchick! said…
Thanks so much for the comment today!! I hope you have a wonderful summer and looking forward to your blogging return. :) xxoo

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