Soccer isn't the most boring sport on the planet after all. I mean, look at these players.

Actually, there was a time, way back in the day, that I kind of liked it. We lived in Scotland for a few years when I was younger where soccer, I mean 'football', is a big deal. I think I was 11 or 12 the summer my friend Diana came to visit. Unbeknownst to either of us her visit coincided with a soccer tournament taking place in our little town. A soccer tournament that brought boys our age over from America. They must have been there for a couple of weeks.

We followed those boys everywhere, including watching all their games. We could walk just about everywhere in town and if we couldn't we took a cab. Can you imagine letting your daughter catch a cab across town with friends at 11? We got to be friends with the boys on the team and Diana & I even 'liked' 2 of them. We were pen pals with these guys for a little while. Until the novelty wore off, I guess. The other day I actually found a letter I received from the boy I liked. I didn't think I still had it after all these years. I have to check with Diana to see if she still has any letters.

The funny thing is that the boys we liked were on a team from St. Louis. Twenty years after that summer in Scotland I married a boy from St Louis. Not one of the soccer players but I did ask my husband at one point if he ever played soccer. (No, he never did. Ice Hockey was his sport.) We got married in St Louis and Diana and I had a fun trip down memory lane one afternoon, trying to figure out if our soccer players lived anywhere near where my husband grew up.

And don't think I haven't checked to see if the boy I liked is on Facebook... he is. :)

World Cup, anyone?


I've never been a soccer (football) fan, but I appreciate that you found something to like about the sport lol

Love the blog!
The Mrs. said…
LOL. Love to see the ex's on facebook! Mine is BALD and hideous! Good cause he was mean to me!!!
debra said…
He actually turned out to be a fairly good looking guy. But he was a nice guy. There is a certain satisfaction knowing the jerks lose all their hair! :)

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