Jessie's Girl...

Last weekend LM & I tagged along with my hubby to Las Vegas (my parents also went). Bill and my dad had a race (work related) to go to on Friday night & Saturday night. I knew that Rick Springfield was performing at Mandalay Bay on Saturday night (what a coincidence that I would be in town that night!) I pondered going to the show alone since none of my friends could go. One was leaving for Hawaii on Sunday, one was in Moab on vacation and my sister, whom I can always count on, is in Australia.

Well, as luck would have it, the car my dad & hubby sponsor lost and they were finished & back at the hotel around 7 pm on Saturday. Talk about one door closing and another one opening - now Bill was free to join me at the concert! We had just enough time to check with the concierge to make sure there were still tickets, give a room key to my mom so she could get LM ready for bed and hop a cab to the Mandalay Bay.

The concert was SOOOO good! It was on the beach @ the Mandalay Bay and we got to sit on the sand and watch it. The weather was PERFECT for being outside. I can't believe I actually got to go. He puts on a great show. Hard to believe he is 60 & still doing this. He even got down in the water and came out onto the sand when he was singing 'Human Touch'. It was really, really fun. Even my husband had a good time!

If you remotely like Rick Springfield you should try to go see a concert when he's in your area. It will be worth it!


Laurie Anne said…
My poor parents would have to listen to my 45 of Jesse's Girl for hours on end.

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