Goodbye vacation...

Looks like we won't be spending time here this summer.

Instead we'll be here. (which is actually not half bad!)

I mentioned our water woes earlier. Let's just dub summer 2010 'the summer of water'. On top of the leak the water conservation guy found in our irrigation system we need a new pressure regulator. That is all scheduled to be fixed tomorrow. I purchased the stuff I need for the irrigation but our handyman will be bring the new regulator tomorrow so I am not sure what that will cost. The doozy is the new pump and motor we need for our pool (it's leaking too). We got the estimate today and while I thought it was expensive my husband said it's half of what he thought it would be. It's still alot in my book. So once we get that all fixed we'll be in that pool alot this summer in case you're looking for me.

I am hoping that all this will help with the next water bill. I did get the late fee taken off due to the confusion with the last bill but here's what the customer service lady said to me 'I'll take it off this time but we can only forgive the late fee ONE time for the entire time you live in the house so don't let this happen again.' Nice, huh? The payment was actually applied to my old sewer bill (my fault) but the city collects BOTH payments so they had my money it was just in the wrong account. My reply to her was that we have lived in this house for 11 years and none of my payments have ever been late so I don't expect it to happen again. 'Oh, I guess you're right', she says.

'Ya think???


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