Coffee or cocktail....

By the name you may have thought this post was about drinks but it's about tables. Coffee or cocktail tables. I always thought a coffee table was rectangular and a cocktail table was square but apparently the name is used interchangeably. Any low, long table can be considered a coffee, or cocktail table.

Our new'ish coffee/cocktail table is a huge square one. I thought it was a cocktail table but I guess I can call it what I want. It is very large, a bit more than twice the size of our old one. When my husband brought it in the house I almost fell over. We got it from my friend J and it didn't look nearly as big in her house. I was really unsure if we would be able to make it work in our room. After much moving and rearranging of the furniture we found just the right space for it and it looks great.

Before LM was born my coffee table was always 'staged'. When she was born I cleared it off in order to make room for all the baby books I needed to reference every minute of the day. Then she started crawling and walking and otherwise moving around and touching things. Fast forward 9 years later and I still have a clear coffee table most of the time (clear of decor, not necessarily clear of junk!)

Looking at all the blogs and decorating websites I do, I always see these beautifully decorated coffee tables. What am I waiting for? Today I decided to fancy mine up. I have to say I am happy with the outcome - after much moving and tweaking. And, as was my goal, I did it all with things I have already and it cost me nothing! That's right, once again I shopped at home.

My sister in law got us this tray a few years ago for Christmas (from Pier One) and I had it in a cabinet. Much better to have it out for all to see. The apothecary jar was on the mantel and I moved it to the table (put another jar in it's place on the mantel). Books are always a great addition - they can add height and color as well as interest. I just picked ones with covers in colors that were part of the scheme. I printed out the pear at The Graphics Fairy. I put it in a frame I already had. The bird was an Easter gift from my parents. And you've seen the numbered pots before.

This gives our living room a totally new look. A more finished one.

My husband did ask me when I was going to put everything away. Clearly he likes the empty look!

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Laurie Anne said…
Love those red books. Such a nice pop. I can only stage the coffee table in the room we never use, lol :0)

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