A Shovel and A Trash Bag...

Or how I made a dent in my office mess in an afternoon. This was my hallway at the end of the day (one of the bags also had some of the clothes that LM had outgrown). My husband joked that I only got about 6 feet into the room but I pitched a lot in that 6 feet! Below is my craft cabinet. Please don't call the producers of Hoarders, I know it's bad.
Desk that houses my Cricut and fax machine. Along with a bunch of other JUNK! I am thinking about painting that desk after it's cleaned off. It belonged to my great grandmother & I have had it for a long time. I think it could stand a little makeover.
The craft cabinet all straightened up. What a change.
I still have a long way to go but what a difference a few hours makes. I am sure I'll go through quite a few more trash bags before it's all said and done.

I sure hope this makes someone out there feel a little better about their space that may not be perfect.

Please excuse the horrible quality photos. I really need to take a class. :)


Comeca Jones said…
Wat to to get organized! Im spending the week doing the same thing.The desk is nice BTW.I love its patina already.
Laurie Anne said…
Great job on the office. Doesn't it feel soo good when all the clutter is gone. It is amazing how much stuff these rooms can hold. lol :0)

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