What's Up?

Summer is in full swing here. We are finishing up our 2nd week of summer vacation - it's already blowing by. I have done very little (read:nothing) in the way of decorating projects. I have almost caught up on all my Tivo'd Nate Berkus Shows and started 'tweeting'. Productive, right?

I always thought that Twitter was kind of weird - the whole 140 characters or less thing and all - but I signed up a while back and figured if I didn't like it I'd just stop. It's actually kind of fun and I often have short thoughts that aren't worthy of a blog post but perfect for a 'tweet'. I have all but abandoned Facebook but like Twitter for now. You can find me there -@SeptemberAcres -pretty easy to remember. :)

LM has her ballet recital this weekend. I am looking forward to seeing the routine - it's been super secret until now. The recital is a Disney theme which is a great way to get us in the mood for a trip to Disneyland later this summer.

I have a list a mile long of decorating projects I want to work on this summer. I am thinking that once we get past this recital I will be ready to start on them. I have enjoyed being kind of lazy the last couple of weeks but that can't last forever!

Please check back at the beginning of the week for some fun design projects. I am even pondering my first upholstery project - a very small one.

In the meantime check me out on Twitter...


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