Pool Party...

When we moved to Arizona I told my husband that if we were going to live here we needed a pool. He said that I had better find a house with a pool because he didn't want to have to put one in later. No problem, pools here are a dime a dozen. Boy am I glad we have one. It's not uncommon to have a week or two of temps that are 120+ each summer and the majority of the summer days are 110+ so a pool is a must have. Worth every penny and then some. It's nothing fancy here at September Acres though. We are in the pool just about everyday and while there is plenty of seating it's pretty basic. One reason is that it's super windy here. Alot. Plastic chairs are easy to move out of the wind's path and stack in corners for safe keeping. While I would love to have one of the beautiful spreads you see in Pottery Barn or Coastal Living it's not really feasible for a busy family with lots of little children visitors and wind.

These Adirondack chairs (Lowes)are the best. Easy to move around and stack when needed.

You'll know we've been in the pool if you come over and see this on the fence. A bit tacky maybe but with the dry heat they dry quickly and can be put away in no time.

I love our loungers (also from Lowes) too. Perfect for a little nap. But be careful or you'll burn to a crisp. This chiminea gives a little ambiance but won't be used again until after Christmas. Even at night it's still hot. It's not uncommon for it to still be over 100 on any given night at midnight.

When it's time to cool off this is the place to be. Yes, that's an inviting sight in the middle of the afternoon.

After a few hours you'll likely find me pulling the chair over to the covered patio. Out of the sun and into the shade. Yes, that's were I'll be.

September Acres is the place to be in the summer. Nothing fancy - lots of towels, plenty of chairs, popsicles, some watermelon and lots of water - in and out of the pool. Sometimes I even serve lunch!

Jump on in!


Laurie Anne said…
You are lucky to have backyard pool and even more lucky to have sun to go with it :0)
Deborah said…
Oh it looks so refreshing!!!
Love the blue of the water...glad you are enjoying it so!!!
A pool party sounds wonderful!!

Deborah xo
Grammy Goodwill said…
I know how much you must enjoy that pool. I had one for 25 years before moving 5 years ago. I sure do miss it.
Hi Debra, I would have loved a pool this week with it being 94 degrees in Richmond. Thanks for linking to Summer Entertaining and have a great week.

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