When It's Too Hot to Cook...

 Or what we had for dinner last night.  It seems like the whole country is in the grips of a heatwave.  The last thing I feel like doing when the weather is like that is cooking.  It's even too hot to grill out which is my go to method of cooking in the summer. My first thought is : 'let's go out'.  Well, most of our budgets can only handle that so long and going out to eat just isn't a good thing every night.  My husband is not big on salads for dinner since he eats them for lunch a lot so that idea was out for me. When I was doing my meal planning I knew it would be hot this week so when I saw 'Manwich' on sale I came up with the idea for sloppy joes one night.  I bet we haven't had sloppy joes in 5 years, maybe longer. Since they just cook up on the stove top it really keeps the kitchen cool.
 And when you cook your corn on the cob in the microwave it still stays cool.  I just cook the corn in the husks for about 6-8 minutes for 3 pieces.  Adjust time if needed.  I take most of the silks off before cooking but they will cook fine if you don't take the silks off until after.  No boiling water to steam up the house!

Round out the meal with some fresh fruit and you have a yummy meal. The house stays cool and so do you.

What are your favorite meals for the dog days of summer?


Laurie Anne said…
Don't forget about the crockpot. I will throw some chicken breasts in the crockpot with some taco seasoning and then shread it. Soo easy and then you have chicken for tacos, quesadillas or salads.
It's really hot where I am too, and the air conditioner is struggling to keep up. So my 'strategy' is to eat my main meal at lunch (when I am out of the house at work) so that I can have a smaller, cold meal at dinner - salad, a small sandwich, and a nice cold glass of white wine just might fit in to the equation too!
The Mrs. said…
I have been not wanting to cook at all! Hot or not! Made Preppy Sues Greek Shrimp Scampi pasta last night with a Ceasar salad. Pretty darn good!

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