Painting Season...

With the weather cooling down we are entering what I like to call 'painting season'.  It happens to coincide with football season so I am usually on my own.  But it's getting cool enough to open doors and windows for the day making it good weather to paint a whole room as opposed to a small piece of furniture or an accessory.

I am thinking about painting the guest bath next.  We never painted the walls when we did the remodel.  I am really liking gray right now and I think that bath is the perfect place for the perfect shade of gray.  In the coming weeks I hope to carve out some time to look at some grays and see if I can find one for that room.

I liked the grayish color Melissa used in her hallway. You can see it here.  She is actually having a giveaway for a $150 giftcard from Walmart so you can get your next painting project started.  Now there's some motivation!


nice post. I am waiting for ur next post
Laurie Anne said…
That is a good gray, not too cold. I think it would look great in a powder room. Any color you would put against it would really pop. I'm trying to psych myself up to paint as well. Can't wait to see the "after" pics.
Beth Dunn said…
I'm so jealous you can paint! Wish I could do my bathroom
Anonymous said…
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