Craft Day...

LM had her sleepover on Saturday night.  It went off without a hitch.  Noisy but otherwise fine.  The girls even decided they wanted to go swimming after dinner.  That lasted about 15 minutes as the water was freezing!  Two of the girls left at 10am and one stayed a while later.  The girls were pretty tired as they stayed up late (I got several answers to what time they went to bed: from midnight to 1:30 to 'we stayed up all night').  I wanted to work on some paper pumpkins I had seen in Scrapbooks, etc. magazine so I thought the girls could craft as well.  I pulled out the beads for them to make bracelets.

I picked out some orange paper and ribbon from my stash and started cutting 1" strips for the pumpkins.

 I cut 16 1" X 8" strips out of 2 different orange papers.  The instructions for these pumpkins are here. They are super easy and quick (my kind of project!)  I also made some out of some scrapbook paper I have that looks like pages from a book.  I like the orange better as the paper is thicker and holds it shape better.  That's the one tip I would mention: make sure the paper is fairly thick or it will kind of 'slouch' a bit.

I love the way this pumpkin turned out.  I used random buttons I had for the stem and used kitchen twine to hold them together, then hot glued it right to the top of the pumpkin.  A little ribbon adds a soft touch.

I am sure I'll make more of these before Halloween.  I have all kinds of ideas rolling around in my head...

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Thanks for visiting and leaving your comment. I haven't tried making a pumpkin out of paper. Thanks for the tip about using thick paper.

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