Fall-ish Mantel

 My post title is 'fall-ISH mantel' because I'm not quite ready to make the mantel too Halloween-y, which is what I like to do but I needed to 'de-summer' it.  Maybe it will help cool things off around here. HA.  I put my funny shaped paper pumpkins in my apothecary jars and I like them much better that way!
 The orange pumpkin is just fine out on it's own.

 The far end of the mantel - the black urn holds my blue glittery pumpkin.  It also is tall enough to cover all the cords from the tv.  I love things that do double duty!
 Another angle.  Here you can see my initial place I got for my birthday (it came from Hobby Lobby) and the cute orange pumpkin.

Here's the whole thing - tv and all!  It's a bit sparse but I think I am okay with that because in a few weeks it will be totally busy and all Halloween-y.

I am linking up to Sherry's Open House Thursday - Always a fabulous collection of links.  Plus she showcases one really lovely home each week.  Tons of inspiration!!

I am also linking up to Layla's Fall Y'all Mantel party.  I've got nothing on some of these fabulous mantels others have done.  Go check them out!

The Lettered Cottage


Love the harvest theme as I don't "do" halloweenie -smile- but the mantle is lovely. The quote on your side bar is OH so true!
Thanks for visiting Thistle Cove Farm, come back soon.
Your mantle is lovely! The paper pumpkins in the glass jars are really cute. Thank you for the kind words and for sharing this at the Open House party.
I love the pumpkins in the jars, as well as the orange one! Sooooo cute!

I'm your newest follower. :)

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