31 Days of Hospitality: Day 1

I am joining The Nester this year for the 31 Days series.  A challenge to write a post a day for the month of October on the same topic.  Definitely a challenge, right?  I had a list of things I considered writing about but finally decided on 'hospitality'.

As the month goes on I'll write about different aspects of hospitality from making your entry way a welcoming area, to weekend guests, to party planning, to teaching your children the art of hospitality and more.  I am by no means an expert at hospitality but I might be by the end of the month!

While researching hospitality I came across quite a few different definitions of the word.  I'll leave you with a couple that I liked:
  • the friendly reception and treatment of guest or strangers.
  • generous and friendly treatment of visitors and guests.
I hope you'll check back each day for more on hospitality. 
How do you define hospitality?


Glad you are joining in the series! I love hospitality so your series will be wonderful, I'm sure!!!
Lisa said…
Definitely a neat idea to focus on 31 days of hospitality. God has taught me so much about that over the years. I'll be popping in to learn more with you.

By His Grace,

Samantha said…
I need some hospitality tips! It is a lost art and I'm trying to reach out to neighbors in a new neighborhood. I'm doing 31 days of autumn inspiration if you want to check it out ;).

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