31 Days of Hospitality: Day 18-Who Invited You?

I'm sure we've all encountered it:  the uninvited guest.  The only way the gracious hostess can handle this (in my opinion) is to smile and nod and welcome the uninvited guest into your home.  After all, in most cases the uninvited guest was brought to your soiree by one of your friends.  They most likely have no clue you have no clue they are coming, right?

For this reason, I always make sure I have prepared a little extra food and provided a little extra drink.  On top of that you can usually count on one of the guests you planned on having at your event being unable to come at the last minute.  So, in theory, you should always have a little extra for those uninvited guests.

How do you handle the uninvited guest?

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Edith said…
I think it is sooooo embarrassing when someone comes by unexpectedly and your house is not prepared! I need to adhere to your sugestions so I am no longer red in the face when it happens. :-)

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