31 Days of Hospitality: Day 12-Favorite Things...

 On Day 6 of the 31 Days of Hospitality I talked about overnight guests.  I mentioned the things that help make your guests feel at home.  I thought that today I would mention some of my favorites.  I am not getting a thing for mentioning these products, they're just faves of mine and when I find something I love I like to share.

Towels: Royal Velvet are my faves.  I prefer white towels but I know everyone has an opinion on colors.  For wash cloths I do like something darker since they usually get dirtier; taking off makeup and such things.  I remember reading years ago that Martha Stewart gets dark wash cloths and has them embroidered with the word 'makeup' so guests know to use those clothes for makeup and they're easier to keep looking clean than white.

Sheets:  I love the Pottery Barn Essentials line.  The prices are reasonable for good quality.  300 thread count sheets that are comfy.  Again I prefer white but they are available in a few other colors.
 Soap:  I love Caldrea's Basil Blue Sage.  Having hand soap and lotion is a nice touch for guests.  For bath soap I usually put out a bar I have from a hotel visit (a new, unopened one!).  They are small and I can toss them when the guests leave.  If you don't have any hotel soaps you should be able to find small bars at Target or the grocery in the travel/sample section.
 Candles: I always love a candle in the guest bath and also in the guest room if you have the space.  My all time favorite candle scent is Yankee's Buttercream.  It's good for all year long but during the holidays a cinnamon, pumpkin or apple is very festive.

What are some of your favorite goodies to leave out for your guests?

If you've missed any of my 31 Days series you can find everything here.  See the other 31 Dayers posts here.


Laurie Anne said…
Yankee's buttercream is the best. (It makes my mouth water)
I've really enjoyed these posts. Too bad all our friends and family live in town :0)

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