31 Days of Hospitality: Day 27-Relaxing

As I was looking at the other 31 Dayers posts last night I came upon one of Melissa's posts that I really enjoyed.  We are all giving tips, advice, inspiration, etc on a certain topic for 31 days.  A whole month.  That's a long time.  A long time to write on one topic and a long time to read the same topic.  Melissa talks about how overwhelming her 31 Days of holiday inspiration might be.  Lots of  to-do's to consider during the month.  She suggested that her readers take a break.  Disconnect.  Relax.  Read a book.  Savor this fall season.  So, being the copy cat that I am, I am suggesting the same.  In the blink of an eye we will all be running around trying to get a thousand things done for Thanksgiving and Christmas and Hanukkah and Kwanzaa and New Years. It's time to enjoy what's left of fall.  Read.  Drink tea.  Play with your kids.  Spend time with your husband.  Take in a movie.  Jump in the leaves.  You get the idea.

Tomorrow my husband & I are going to see Darius Rucker in concert.  I cannot wait!!  My husband's birthday is Saturday and Halloween is Monday so there are lots of festivities coming this way.  Tomorrow's 31 Days post will be some quiet inspiration for your upcoming holiday entertaining.  Saturday will find me yapping talking about some hospitality ideas to take you into the busy holiday season.

I'd love to hear how you unwind or relax!  If it's by reading my 31 Days posts you can find the rest of them here! :)


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