31 Days of Hospitality: Day 17 - Accidents Happen...

Every once in a while accidents happen while we are entertaining.  A broken wine glass or dish or a spill.  I would be lying if I said these accidents are avoidable.  They aren't.  If you entertain you will, at some time, encounter some breakage or something involving the carpet cleaner. 

My first bit of advice for any hostess is to put away anything you would be devastated to lose.  Everything else is fair game.  That's it. 

Once you have put all your valuables in a safe place think about how you would handle a breakage.  Remember, you are a gracious hostess and should act as such.  None of our friends will intentionally break or damage our 'stuff'.  Smile, say 'it's okay, it was an accident', clean up any glass quickly and worry about the rest later.  We never want our guests to feel bad or as if we are mad at them for any type of accident.

Have you had any damages to deal with as a hostess?  How did you handle them?

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Diana said…
Yes - tons! But my husband's and my motto is "Nothing we own is more important than people." If you make a big deal out of something being broken, you might ruin the chance to have a relationship with that person.

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