31 Days of Hospitality: Day 16-Hostess Gifts...

Sometimes we are on the other side of hospitality.  We are the guests, the visitors, the recipients of a gracious deed.  When I am invited to someone's home for a weekend or just for dinner I like to bring a hostess gift.  

While I try to tailor the gift to the hostess (or host) there are some universally accepted (and welcomed) gifts.  In no particular order:
  • Wine - my number one, all time favorite gift to take to a hostess (and receive as well!).  Unless she is not a wine drinker.
  • Liquor - we are not liquor drinkers so we seldom give this but if I know that my hostess loves something special and is not a wine drinker I will venture over to the liquor area.
  • Home baked goodies - I love to share some good cookies or a cake.  This pumpkin cake would be especially nice during the fall season.
  • Candles - Most people I know like candles and a seasonal scent is usually a welcome treat.
  • Flowers or a plant- unless allergies are an issue I love this idea.
These are usually 'safe' gifts that most hostesses will enjoy and appreciate.  Do you have a 'go to' hostess gift you like to give?  What's your favorite hostess gift to receive?

There are 15 days of hospitality before this one.  If you've missed any you can find them here.  There are many more bloggers taking part in this series.  Find them here.


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