31 Days of Hospitality: Day 19-Breakfast for your guests...

A few years, right before Christmas, I was watching Good Morning America when Ina Garten made her Sticky Buns.  I got the recipe from the GMA website and those sticky buns have been my 'go to' recipe for holiday breakfasts as well as when we have guests.  I usually make them 5-6 times a year-they're a special recipe here @ September Acres.  We could eat them every week but then they wouldn't be special.  You can find the recipe here.  You won't regret making them!

Do you have a special recipe you make for your overnight guests?

If you've missed any of my 31 Days of Hospitality posts you can find them here.  The rest of the 31 Dayers can be found here.


Ann said…
MMmm they look nice, must give them a try someday! :)


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