Bunny Cake...

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When we were younger we made a bunny cake each year.  I have wanted to make one every year because they are so cute.  And so easy.  But my husband didn't like coconut so I never made it.  Then this year he and LM reluctantly tried real coconut (as opposed to the flakes from the bag) an low and behold they liked it.  Yippee.  That means we're making this cake this year!  I decided that I will probably make the bow or ears without the coconut - just in case they changed their minds.  Pictures to follow soon!

Hopefully this bunny cake will be a new tradition for our family.  For the past few years we've been making these sticky buns for Easter morning.  It can't hurt to have another 'sweet' tradition!

What are your Easter food traditions?


Laurie Anne said…
Very cute!! Every few years my dad's bday (April 15) falls on Easter. When it does we will make a bunny cake. I'm also not a fan of coconut so we just skip it all togher and just double up on the buttercream :0)
love the bunny cake it brought back memories, my birthday fell on easter a couple times and she would make me this cake!
Hmmm I'd come for a coconut bunny cake!

We dont have any Easter traditions...cept chocolate :O)

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