May flowers...

We made it through Turn of the TV week.  They made a huge deal out of it at school and I think the kids had fun.  The kids who participated for the whole week got little 'prizes'.  LM got a certificate for a free taco from Del Taco.  I have no idea when she'll use it - she has never eaten there.  But no matter what the prize is  the kids get excited.

Yet another month has flown by.  It will be May 1st tomorrow.  Less than four weeks of school left for LM.  The end of 4th grade.  Please tell me how this happened?

My cousin's lovely hydrangeas.

The crazy April weather will hopefully lead to a sunny, flowery May.  It's been hot here the past week, but what's new.

April showers bring May flowers.


Looking forward to a busy, busy May with lots of fun to go along with it (after I get my tooth filled tomorrow, that is.)  Hoping to have some yummy tomatoes sometime this summer from the plants we planted on earth day.  So far so good....


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