Turn off TV week....

Today starts 'Turn off Screens' week at LM's school.  Otherwise known as 'Turn off TV week' or Digital Detox. I actually like the idea of this.  My husband?  Notsomuch.  You see, it coincides with the NHL playoffs. You understand, right?  I asked him if he could wait until she went to bed to turn on a game, you know, to show support.  He wasn't on board with that as you can imagine.

This year LM's school is really pushing it.  Really hard.  They are giving the kids 'homework' on Monday - make a poster for turn of screens week.  And everyone that makes a poster gets a prize.  Not just the winning poster but all.  And since LM loves a prize she's on the poster band wagon.  I'm sure it will be fun for her. And me too.  They also get tempted with prizes to show up on Tuesday for Young Author and Artist night.  Plus it's book fair. 

What to do without TV you ask?  Other than the poster and young author night we've planned:
  • Game night on Wednesday.  We've got some fun board games.  My favorite is Yahtzee!  And there's always the marathon that is Monopoly.  And,  let's make up words Scrabble, another favorite.
  • Read. On Thursday, since LM has hockey practice and doesn't get home until 6:30 so we'll just get out our books and read.
  • Swim. Friday night's plan.  Although it is supposed to cool down at the end of the week so we may end up on the trampoline or riding bikes.
I believe that to show support I will not be blogging this week (except for today but don't tell LM).

Do your kids do this at their schools?  Do you think this one week really changes habits?


Laurie Anne said…
I so get the tv/hubs issue. The ONLY way it would work around here is if Joj was on a business trip. It's baseball season and M's play everyday. Good Luck

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