Earth Day 2012...

Every spring I plant a few plants in pots and since we've been out of town so much I haven't gotten to it.  So I figured since we were home this weekend it was the perfect Earth Day project for us.  I like to do something each year for Earth Day & it usually involves planting. 

I headed out to my home away from home, Lowe's, on Saturday.  BY MYSELF.  I never get to go there alone and I really enjoyed just wandering down each aisle without anyone asking 'what do we need here?'  I got a few plants and some potting soil for our project.  This year I bought some tomato plants (wish me luck) and some herbs (peppermint & oregano).  I haven't tried to grow tomatoes since we've lived in Arizona.  I know people do it successfully so we'll see.  Honestly, I haven't had a really good tomato since we left the east coast.  It's the sad truth. And I love a really good tomato.  

Along with the herbs I got this blue salvia which I love.  I hope it does well.  It says it needs to be in full sun which we have so, again, time will tell.  I love that it's an annual too.  I hope to keep it for a while.

Here's the peppermint which, as you can imagine, smells divine.  When we lived in Virginia I planted peppermint in the back yard and it went wild.  It looked beautiful and smelled the same.  I love putting mint in iced tea or making ice cubes with it (I put a one leaf in each cube area of the tray and fill with water).

LM got in on the action for a bit.  But I'm not sure gardening is her thing. She usually loses interest pretty quickly.  Today she decided she'd rather swim (record breaking temps here today) than dig in the dirt.

Hope you had a nice Earth Day!


Laurie Anne said…
We also did some digging in the dirt. I planted some sweet peas. I wanted some basil, but they were out. That's okay, it gives me a reason to go back next weekend :0)

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