Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Baby, it's cold outside...

Yes, it's even cold in Arizona. The above photo is from Flagstaff which is about 3 hours away. They had a foot of snow yesterday and are expecting more today. As for my town, we have had rain for 2 of the last 3 days. Very unusual for us. And when I was coming home this morning from taking the dog to the vet it was 43 degrees. Now I know some of you would love to see 43 but that's really cold for us. This will likely be our cold spell for the winter. I have to say that I enjoy it being a little cooler sometimes and the rain is always welcome since we get so little (I think we average less than 3 inches a year - yes, you read that right. Crazy, isn't it?) We are really getting into the Christmas spirit now.

We have moved our camper up to the mountains - about an hour from here. It is on the property of our friends who have a cabin up there. We plan to go this weekend and I am so excited. They also have gotten snow up there which will be really fun for the kids to play in. I am going to bring a gingerbread kit up with us so the girls can work on that when they aren't playing in the snow. Just like a real winter. And so close to Christmas. I hope we can go up alot while the camper is there. I would keep it up there forever if I could (nothing like imposing on your friends, huh?)

My Christmas present is being installed as I write this. I will post pictures tomorrow hopefully. I won't keep you in suspense - I am getting cabinets in my dining area. Pantry style cabinets with a DESK and a bench (like you would have in a mud room). I am so, so excited to have these installed! I love cabinets.... Merry Christmas to me. :)

I had to run to Kmart after dropping off the dog to get a few things. As I was leaving the nice sales clerk said 'Merry Christmas'. What a nice change from 'Happy Holidays'. I think a lot of folks are finally rebelling against the 'Happy Holidays' thing. Finally...

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