Happy New Year...

...and the countdown begins. Hard to believe that New Year's Eve is tomorrow! Where did 2008 go? In some ways I am glad to bid it farewell. It has been a rough year with family illness and death so I am glad to see that end and pray for a healthier, happier 2009. At the same time it means my little girl will be 7 - I really don't know where that time went. Each day I realize she is growing up -and away from us. Sometimes she still seems like such a baby and others I look at her and see this grown up girl. I have to say I like the 'baby' times alot.
We had a really nice Christmas with my sister visiting and my parents here. We seemed to spend a lot of time eating together (I guess that's part of the holidays, right?) We played games ( namely the 'Wii' - a family gift which was a hit), watched movies, talked & walked. My sister goes home today but it seems like she just got here. By Friday we will all kind of be back in our little routines. It is nice spending time just 'being'. No plans, no agenda, no 'I have to do this now'. Hopefully we can take that into the new year, too. At least a little bit.

Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each new year find you a better man.

~Benjamin Franklin

Happy New Year!


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