Sunday, December 7, 2008


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Hope everyone is having a great weekend. We have our tree up and the inside decorating done. I'll post pictures soon. Everything looks really nice. But I can't believe how much Christmas decor I have. And I always want to buy more... I refrained this year though with the exception of 2 ornamants for my daughter. My daughter and her friend helped decorate yesterday. They concentrated their efforts on the same 2 square feet of the tree so I just kept taking some things off the section they were decorating and moving them where I need to (like the back). Worked great.

We made gingerbread cookies yesterday and it looks like I'll need to make more as my husband is enjoying them. No need to post that recipe - they are from the Betty Crocker gingerbread mix. I have always hated using mixes for Christmas cookies (I don't mind the rest of the year though - who knows why.) But this mix is great and makes a very tasy gingerbread cookie every time. Today I plan on making cracker candy and snickerdoodles. Will try to post those recipes tomorrow.

I am off to make lunch for my daughter before she heads out to a friend's house for the afternoon. After I drop her off I will get a paper and 'thera flu' for my husband. And then it will be time for the cookie making to begin...

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