Last Minute Shopping?

I heard that today is 'National Free Shipping' day for alot of online retailers. I guess it's the last day to get your merchandise in time for Christmas using ground or regular shipping methods. Oooh - free shipping with all the discounts out there. Doesn't that sound good? Now, I don't need anything but if I have a free moment maybe I will just look. Can't hurt. Of course, with my schedule today there will be little time for shopping of any kind. I am off to my daughter's school in about an hour to help with the Christmas festivities. School is out at 1 today and they are off until Jan 5th. It is kind of nice to have a week to just do fun things. I still have a little wrapping to do but I usually do that at night after Little Miss is in bed.

If you have a Safeway near you and you are in the market for a Gingerbread house kit run over there today to see if they still have them for $6. Yes, that's right. Marked down from $12.99. They were actually kind of 'hidden' so ask if you don't see them. Another bargain I snagged while at Kmart yesterday getting cough drops, Bon Ami and a birthday gift - Build a Bear kits. They include the animal, stuffing, needle & thread and, of course, a cute outfit. Sale Price $6.49 I think there were originally $12 or so. And a bigger BAB kit with a little cardboard 'house' & a crown to decorate - $9.99. I picked up 2 small ones for Jaunary birthdays and the bigger one for Little Miss' birthday in Jan. Yes, bargains are out there...


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