Friday, May 30, 2008

Why is it so hard to find a coloring book??

I was looking at Kmart today for a new coloring book for daughter for our trip next week (not that she really NEEDS one) and I wonder when they stopped selling just 'regular' coloring books? Not books with 600 stickers that cost TWELVE DOLLARS! Something slim that will just slide in the backpack; nothing that will require a visit to the chiropractor when we get home. I didn't go anywhere else to look. I figured it was God's way of telling me we didn't need one. I will go through what we have here and should be able to find a couple that will work just perfectly. $12 saved!

Speaking of my trip to Kmart, I was a little embarrassed returning my $2 box of foldover lunch bags. I had to return something else a little bigger (but not much) so I figured I would take those also because I don't need them. I bought them when I thought I was making cookies for my daughter's last day of school party and I was going to individually bag them with hopes that the kids would take them home and spread out the sugar intake (Crazy, I know) but I ended up buying cookies instead (time issues and a torn apart kitchen). It will take me years to use 300 of those bags so they are now back at the store where someone who will use them can purchase them. I used to never return anything. Too much hassle, I guess. But now if I don't need it I want it OUT of my house!

Gas- I haven't talked about it because, frankly, I am just tired of that being the topic du jour on the news & everywhere else. But, I figured why not get on the band wagon. haha Plus it is good conversation sometimes. We went to CA last weekend and apparently people don't care that gas is pushing $4/gallon (or already there). The highway was packed! We paid about $4.15 in CA and are paying about $3.89 here in AZ. It sounds like the $4 is getting to be the norm around the country. I drive a YukonXL. Please, no comments on how much of a gas guzzler it is, etc. I know. Luckily our town is small and I don't drive too much & not every day. My husband has a diesel truck & diesel is close to $5 here. We are also fortunate enough to have one of these
to drive to work and we have the weather to do it. It costs $18 to fill up and lasts 2-3 weeks. How cool is that?? My husband drives about 10 miles to and from work so it sure beats that diesel truck.
I wonder if gas will ever go down though? Only time will tell I guess. Until then I guess we live with it or get a bike!
My daughter is out with my mom this morning at the park. She was so excited. She is trying hard to get used to staying home and is a trooper but loves to get out. We are going to all meet my husband & dad at lunch later.
I am off to get some work done while I am alone...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Be sure your children understand that
is a complete sentence.
Isn't that great? I think it should go beyond your children; everyone should know that. That was the quote on my calendar today. "Life's Little Instruction Calendar", by H. Jackson Brown. I have been getting that calendar for years-love it.
I had to remember this today when a friend asked if my daughter and I were going to watch the hockey game (we had talked about it). I said 'no'. I know she was waiting for more & I was ready to ramble on like usual. But I kept it short. I felt bad (of course). I have such a hard time saying no as I am sure other people do. And I always feel like I have to explain myself as if anyone really cares.
We have had a good beginning of the summer vacation. My daughter is doing well, having fun and behaving. Most of the sassy behavior from school is fading - that didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would. Today we went to the library and she got her own library card. She was so excited. I had to laugh though when the librarian asked me to sign her new card since I was the 'responsible adult' and when I gave her my card she said I owed 80 cents in overdue fees. OOPS! Good role model. I do try though. It's the videos and DVD's that get me - they are 7 day loans and the books are 3 weeks. We got the summer reading program schedule and there is something to do almost everyday so we can pick and choose. The theme this year is Bugs - my daughter was really excited about that. She is reading, but mostly the #1 and #2 readers and she brings these long chapter books to me saying she wants to check those out. I hate to discourage her but I know she cannot read a whole book like that. I try to be delicate and help her pick our something else.
I checked out the book "Does this Clutter Make my Butt Look Fat?" by Peter Walsh. So far it's interesting and pretty good. I hope to get something out of it. Since we painted the kitchen cabinets and I went through all of them I am kind of on a 'let's just toss it all' spree. We have so much more than we need. For example, our family of 3 has 37 dinner plates (this includes our 4 'summer' outdoor melamine plates but not formal china). Really, is that necessary? I think not. And my daughter and I usually use the salad plates. So I picked a set of 7 dinner plates (used to be 8), 3 salad plates and 3 bowls (used to be 4 each) to purge. My sister is going to take them and use them in her rental condo. It was hard to let them go but we just don't need them. The cabinets seem much lighter now and we are using some of our other plates that we didn't use often. And if I totally regret it one day I can get them back. :) Laurie had mentioned a while back about reducing what is in the house by 50% and I love that idea. I am not sure if I will totally get there but I know I will at least in some areas. I also tossed 3 pairs of shoes today and set aside 5 cookbooks to take to St Vincent de Paul. Tomorrow I will keep going.
I have to get my daughter in bed. I wanted to put her to bed earlier but it's hard to convince her it's night time with the sun peeking through the window. It's almost dark now though so off we go...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A lazy day...

Sort of. We are back from a long weekend. It was alot of fun but always good to be home. My daughter is not feeling well (the result of too much junk food, I think.) I have lots of laundry to do plus I am still cleaning up from the cabinet painting project. I hate to leave town when the house is a mess - I cleaned up what I could before we left but there's still stuff to put away, etc. Once I clean up I will post a picture of the new cabinets. We are still getting a new counter top and I am painting the kitchen walls so it is definitely a work in progress. But, I have to say, it already looks a hundred times better.

I just got a call from a good friend who has moved back to town. They were gone for over 2 years & I really thought they would be gone forever. She is coming over this afternoon with her 2 boys so we can catch up. Her older son is just a few weeks older than my daughter and the younger one is 4. I know my daughter will be thrilled to have some company today.

I will keep this short today since I have so much to do...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

School's out for the summer...

Oh yes, this looks like the life. But my summer will not include a trip to this lovely locale. Actually, we are headed to Northern California where we will be treated to some weather in the high 60's and a little rain. So I think my daughter's time in the pool will have to be replaced with an indoor activity or two.

Today was the last day of school. Hallelujah! It was sad to say good bye to friends and her wonderful teacher but I have been looking forward to this day for a while. Not as much rushing around (I hope) and when we get home from our trip you will find us in the pool everyday. I am concerned about my daughter not having anyone to play with but we will do some playdates each week so she will have company other than mine.

Today was a fun day of games, food and movies. I was in class the whole day helping the teacher and playing with the kids. One of the little girls in the class said 'jiggle, jiggle, jiggle" when I put my arm up to show her something. Lovely. I told her it wasn't nice and she said "I say it to my mom all the time". Then I didn't feel QUITE as bad since her mom is an itty bitty thing. :) The things kids say! But I will try to lift weights a little more - maybe that will help?? The things that come with age.

I made my daughter's teacher a little scrapbook with pictures of the kids throughout the year. I thought it turned out cute and she loved it. She said she had never received a gift like that and was very touched. What a blessing it was for my daughter to have her as a teacher. She learned so much and had fun doing it.

My daughter received the "Principal's Award" this year. We were so proud and happy for her. It was given to 2 kids in her class for academics, good behavior, helpfulness, etc. AND it was voted on by her teacher as will as the art teacher, PE teacher, computer teacher, music teacher and library person (I don't believe she is a 'librarian' - another post for another day). The little boy who also got it is a gem and I was so thrilled for him too.

So the last day was a good one. Lots of good Kindergarten memories. I have tons for her scrapbook and can't wait to put it all together.

I hope everyone has a safe Memorial Day weekend.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

So busy...

Since Thursday at our house this is what has happened:
  • My daughter had a dentist appointment and has her first cavity. I feel so bad. But we will get through it of course.
  • We painted our kitchen cabinets. My husband who 'doesn't paint' really pitched in, otherwise I would still be at it. I have about 5 drawers left to finish and that will happen today. I will post photos once the drawers are done and everything is back in place.
  • My husband and I went to see a local production of "Grease". It is always a fun show. I am amazed at how talented people are.
  • My daughter's school had their last family picnic on Monday and the annual Kindergarten water day. It was fun but very hot (115) so we had the picnic inside.
  • Monday afternoon my daughter and I had eye doctor appointments. All is well.
  • My daughter's school had their Field Day on Tuesday. Another fun time but hot (108). I could do a whole post on why kindergarteners should not have to long ( a few hours each) outdoor activities back to back. But I think everyone knows it was a bad call. But the kids did have fun.

So here we are - Wednesday already. It is a light day at school. Yesterday my daughter said they didn't do any school work. Today there aren't too many activities but I am guessing there won't be much work. Tomorrow they get out at 11:45 and it will be movie and party day. I have to say that I am really ready for school to be out. My daughter is ready for 1st grade and knows the teacher she wants ( I hope it's the one she gets too)

Due to our kitchen mess I bought cookies for my daughter's party tomorrow. My first time ever. I usually make them but I am time-crunched and my counters are filled with dishes and drawers and other things. Not enough room to really bake.

And finally, from my "What is wrong with people?" file: While I was picking up the cookies I saw an older lady put her hand in the bag of french bread (the kind the bakery makes and then puts in the paper bags), touch the bread for a few seconds (almost caressing it), then took her hand out and walked away. YUCK. I don't think I can buy that bread again. It never crossed my mind that an adult would do that. I guess she didn't learn the 'you take what you touch' rule.

Well, it is time for lunch. I am not having french bread...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Fridge...

Laurie posted pics of her fridge the other day and I thought I would join her. Here's the front. I resisted the urge to clean it off. If am not a fan of alot of things on the fridge but with a child now I can live with it. The day will come when she won't want to put as much on there. Plus that top right hand corner is where I keep all my pertinant school info; upcoming events, newsletter, etc.

Now for the inside which I just cleaned out a few days ago so it shouldn't be too horrible. I try to keep it cleaned out but every now and then I will find some yucky sour cream or mushy tomato. Yuk.
So, there it is. All our secrets exposed. haha
We are FINALLY painting our kitchen cabinets. I have been talking about it for years but I have the paint now and the doors are coming down. My husband's friend is changing out the hinges for us for - get this- a 30 pack of beer. What a deal that is. He has a cabinet shop so he does it everyday so it's not as daunting for him. I think he is going to do new countertops for us too. We will pay for those. :) You can see a little bit of the lovely countertops we have now. I actually like the color but they go with virtually nothing. Our cabinets will be white and we are getting a sandy color solid surface top. A bit more neutral. I will post more about my kitchen as we get going.
My daughter has her last CCD class today and, of course, there will be a party. My mom is picking her up from school (thank you) & I will drop off the snacks. I am off now to make a gift for her teacher (nothing like waiting until the last minute!)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Seen and heard around our house...

I hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day. Mine was nice and relaxing.

This transaction took place over the weekend:

Daughter: I have four babies.

Me: Really, what are their names?

Daughter: Matthew, Matthew, Matthew, Alice and Melissa

Me: Oh, but that's really five babies.

Daughter: Oh,yeah.

Those are all her baby dolls. When she got her first doll she named it Matthew, even though it was a girl. And so it went with the next two. This past Christmas came the Bitty Twins and I thought we would have two more Matthews but she chose the names Alice and Melissa - whew!

This is the first Matthew. She is wearing one of the Bitty Baby Matthew's outfits. She has been dragged literally all over the world. She still seems to be the 'go to' baby when one is needed.

She has started asking for the bigger American Girl Dolls but I noticed that the suggested age for them is 8+ so maybe I can wait a couple of years so she can enjoy the Matthews and twins for a while longer.

Yesterday, I noticed the neighbors across the street had a Dora doll house in their trash. I was hoping my daughter wouldn't notice it but as we drove out of the driveway she commented on it. The neighbors have a daughter who was just six & I guess she is done with the doll house. It's so interesting how different kids are even at the same age. My daughter still plays with that doll house on a daily basis. So you won't see ours in the garbage any time soon.

We received order forms for a YEARBOOK yesterday. In kindergarten??? I am sure it is a fundraiser for the school (did I say that out loud?) but I think that we just don't need one (not for $20 anyway). All I have is this vision of 13 years of yearbooks in my house for ....ever! Now, I know it's been a few years but when I was in school we got year books in Junior High (that's what it was called back then) and High School - that's it. And that's how I'd like to keep it.

I just got a call from my daughter's Daisy scout leader and she has to cancel the meeting today as her younger son is sick. So my long day just got a little shorter... Have a good one.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to everyone!!
I am off to put this pretty girl to bed.
Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

TV night...

Okay, I am boycotting American Idol but I did watch it last night with my husband (that's an hour of my life I won't get back). But I tell him that I am not 'invested' anymore. Just don't care who wins. I honestly think that America should not be able to vote. It isn't a talent contest when they do. Case in point: Chris Daughtry. I should let this go - I am sure he has. :) Case in point #2: Jason Castro is still on there. What a train wreck that was last night. He is becoming a joke in our house (can you say Sanjaya?). And he always says "I don't know many of _______'s songs" Tonight it was the whole bloomin' rock'n roll category. What, I ask, does he know?? I saw Carly clapping for him last night and I know she was thinking 'I should be up there instead of you buddy'. I know I was thinking that. I thought the others were pretty good last night. We had some kind of audio problem though - you really couldn't hear the music, just the vocals. Wierd.

On to something slightly more important. I got a new skillet. I have been looking for a new one for a while. This is the 4th one I have had since we got married (10 years). I think that's alot. Shouldn't they last a LONG time? Especially given what the cost. All my others have been non-stick and the coating just doesn't last. It might just be me but I decided to try a stainless one and see if it helps. So we were in CA last weekend and I spotted the 'Summer cookware sale' sign at Sur la table and figured it wouldn't hurt to look there. Right there at the front door was this beauty. I got the 12 inch one so the lid I already have will fit. Plus it's a good size for us. I haven't used it yet but plan to use it tonight. I hope
I can keep it looking pretty. But most of all I hope that I can cook with it!
I got a call from one of the moms in my daugther's class asking if I had an idea for a group gift for the teacher for the end of the year. Something the kids could all sign or something. So I am brainstorming today since I really had nothing for her last night. I am doing a small scrapbook for the teacher so I don't think we can use that idea again. I have seen these pictures at Staples that have a photo in the middle and then a border where you can sign around the edge. I thought that might be good. I know she has more 'tchochke' than she needs. Don't all teachers??Only 2 weeks left of school so I need to get on it. I can't believe how fast this year has gone by. I guess they all do.
I just got an email from a good friend who's father-in-law has had a stroke and 2 heart attacks since Friday. He is in ICU now & I should have a report later today. She is having a hard time keeping her girls on a schedule (one is in school) and spending the time she feels she needs to at the hospital. That is such a hard thing as the kids can't just sit in a hospital all day but it's important for them to see their grandpa. I feel that there is illness all around. I guess there are times in life where that is the case for all of us. And I know that with our parents & grandparents aging it is just inevitable.
I am off to Walmart today - UGH! I try to go early before it gets too busy. I just don't have the patience to maneuver the cart all over the store when it is busy. I often find that other shoppers are extremely rude and totally unaware that they aren't the only ones in the store. I try to be considerate and kind but it is sometimes difficult. I buy what I can from but I can't get everything there. After that I am off to scrapbook at a friend's house for a while so I have someting fun to look forward to....

Monday, May 5, 2008

Just another manic Monday...

This will likely be short as I have to pick up my daughter. But I thought a break was in order so here I am. Still tons to do today but it will be there tomorrow too, right?

I had my stamp club today. We meet once a month and do scrapbook pages and then shop (Stampin' up). It has been fun - I can slowly add to my scrapbook needs and I have learned some fun techniques. This is the page we did today. I thought it was so cute. And I love the colors. The small saying says 'you make my life a beautiful thing' . The marble-y technique was done on cardstock using shaving cream and stamp pad re-fill ink. It turned out great and was fun. I thought it would be fun for kids to do with whipped cream and food coloring. Not for a scrapbook page but for a fun little craft project. If anything made it into their mouthes it would be okay.
Speaking of fun craft projects, I am making a list of things to do this summer with my daughter while she is out of school. She is very social and being the only child it is sometimes hard. I would be content to just stay home and hang out but she always asks "What are we doing today?" So I am thinking that summer will be somewhat of a challenge. We will be on vacation one week at the beginning of the vacation and at my sister's for about a week at the end but it's the in between that I am trying to plan for.
She loves to swim so we will probably do that most mornings. It is not unusual for the temps to get to 115 or 120 in July (YES!) so the afternoons are definitely indoor time. We will also go to the library once a week - they have a summer reading program so I am hoping they will have some afternoon activities for my daughter's age group. They do alot of things in the evening which doesn't really work for us for a couple of reasons: 1. My daughter goes to be between 7:30 and 8 so things that start at 6:30 or 7 just don't work. 2. We need things to do during the day; once my husband is home from work it's time to start dinnner and we just don't need anything else to do. I understand why they do evening activities with so many families having both parents working. I did give into vacation bible school which is an evening activity (5:30-8:30) - I think it is important and since there is no school we will just have very little planned for the days that week. I expressed my concern about the evening VBS (especially for the little ones) but the time stayed the same. I guess if I want to organize and run it I could change it (let's not go there!)
Sometimes I feel like we are the only family on the planet that puts their children to bed earlier and sticks to it no matter what day it is. We do have one family that we are friends with that think like us so it is nice to have them over on a Sat night knowing that we will not have kids running around at 9 or 10. Because it would sure be hard to put my daughter to bed when her friends are still up. So we love having them over and going to their house - we start and end early and it's just as fun. Plus, it gives us parents some alone time before we want to hit the hay.
Well, so much for this being a short post but I must run now...