So busy...

Since Thursday at our house this is what has happened:
  • My daughter had a dentist appointment and has her first cavity. I feel so bad. But we will get through it of course.
  • We painted our kitchen cabinets. My husband who 'doesn't paint' really pitched in, otherwise I would still be at it. I have about 5 drawers left to finish and that will happen today. I will post photos once the drawers are done and everything is back in place.
  • My husband and I went to see a local production of "Grease". It is always a fun show. I am amazed at how talented people are.
  • My daughter's school had their last family picnic on Monday and the annual Kindergarten water day. It was fun but very hot (115) so we had the picnic inside.
  • Monday afternoon my daughter and I had eye doctor appointments. All is well.
  • My daughter's school had their Field Day on Tuesday. Another fun time but hot (108). I could do a whole post on why kindergarteners should not have to long ( a few hours each) outdoor activities back to back. But I think everyone knows it was a bad call. But the kids did have fun.

So here we are - Wednesday already. It is a light day at school. Yesterday my daughter said they didn't do any school work. Today there aren't too many activities but I am guessing there won't be much work. Tomorrow they get out at 11:45 and it will be movie and party day. I have to say that I am really ready for school to be out. My daughter is ready for 1st grade and knows the teacher she wants ( I hope it's the one she gets too)

Due to our kitchen mess I bought cookies for my daughter's party tomorrow. My first time ever. I usually make them but I am time-crunched and my counters are filled with dishes and drawers and other things. Not enough room to really bake.

And finally, from my "What is wrong with people?" file: While I was picking up the cookies I saw an older lady put her hand in the bag of french bread (the kind the bakery makes and then puts in the paper bags), touch the bread for a few seconds (almost caressing it), then took her hand out and walked away. YUCK. I don't think I can buy that bread again. It never crossed my mind that an adult would do that. I guess she didn't learn the 'you take what you touch' rule.

Well, it is time for lunch. I am not having french bread...


Laurie Anne said…
Ewww, I guess you really can't wash bread. Can't wait to see the cabinets. I really want to paint mine this summer :0)

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