Just another manic Monday...

This will likely be short as I have to pick up my daughter. But I thought a break was in order so here I am. Still tons to do today but it will be there tomorrow too, right?

I had my stamp club today. We meet once a month and do scrapbook pages and then shop (Stampin' up). It has been fun - I can slowly add to my scrapbook needs and I have learned some fun techniques. This is the page we did today. I thought it was so cute. And I love the colors. The small saying says 'you make my life a beautiful thing' . The marble-y technique was done on cardstock using shaving cream and stamp pad re-fill ink. It turned out great and was fun. I thought it would be fun for kids to do with whipped cream and food coloring. Not for a scrapbook page but for a fun little craft project. If anything made it into their mouthes it would be okay.
Speaking of fun craft projects, I am making a list of things to do this summer with my daughter while she is out of school. She is very social and being the only child it is sometimes hard. I would be content to just stay home and hang out but she always asks "What are we doing today?" So I am thinking that summer will be somewhat of a challenge. We will be on vacation one week at the beginning of the vacation and at my sister's for about a week at the end but it's the in between that I am trying to plan for.
She loves to swim so we will probably do that most mornings. It is not unusual for the temps to get to 115 or 120 in July (YES!) so the afternoons are definitely indoor time. We will also go to the library once a week - they have a summer reading program so I am hoping they will have some afternoon activities for my daughter's age group. They do alot of things in the evening which doesn't really work for us for a couple of reasons: 1. My daughter goes to be between 7:30 and 8 so things that start at 6:30 or 7 just don't work. 2. We need things to do during the day; once my husband is home from work it's time to start dinnner and we just don't need anything else to do. I understand why they do evening activities with so many families having both parents working. I did give into vacation bible school which is an evening activity (5:30-8:30) - I think it is important and since there is no school we will just have very little planned for the days that week. I expressed my concern about the evening VBS (especially for the little ones) but the time stayed the same. I guess if I want to organize and run it I could change it (let's not go there!)
Sometimes I feel like we are the only family on the planet that puts their children to bed earlier and sticks to it no matter what day it is. We do have one family that we are friends with that think like us so it is nice to have them over on a Sat night knowing that we will not have kids running around at 9 or 10. Because it would sure be hard to put my daughter to bed when her friends are still up. So we love having them over and going to their house - we start and end early and it's just as fun. Plus, it gives us parents some alone time before we want to hit the hay.
Well, so much for this being a short post but I must run now...


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